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We've made some WPML integration improvements

In some of our previous posts, we made mention of the fact that we added full compatibility for WPML to InVogue, followed by the release of two new themes, both fully compatible with the plugin.

We have now decided to go a step further, in order to make using and installing WPML as easy as possible for our users – the WPML installer is now included in our themes. This means that instead of doing a separate installation and activation, you can now do everything straight from the settings panels of our themes. Clicking on the Buy button (as pictured below), will take you to the WPML order form, where you can fill in the details and make your purchase, following which you can go back to the theme settings, enter your purchase code, and download and activate the plugin.

WPML installer in the settings panel

As a user of our themes, this streamlines the entire process of adding WPML to your site and saves you time. It also ensures that any future updates to WPML are completely automated, meaning fewer hassles for you down the line.

This is all a part of our goal to make using our themes as painless and user-friendly as possible.

Stay tuned for more updates – we definitely have more developments in the pipeline.