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Growing Up - New Features We've Added to Hero Maps Premium

HeroMaps Premium has grown up a bit since we’ve released it just over three months ago. While it shipped with quite a few features not present in the free version – HeroMaps Pro – we had our ears close to the ground for any user feedback that could help us improve Maps and expand its functionality.

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HeroMenu reaches 1,000 sales!

We hit a bit of a milestone last week here at Hero Plugins – HeroMenu, our very first premium plugin, cracked the 1,000 sale mark.

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Double Launch Announcement

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Hero Plugins. A little more than a month ago we launched HeroMaps Premium, which is selling even better than we expected, but we have also been testing – and retesting – pre-release builds of HeroSlider. At the same time, we’ve finished building Hero Login Styler, which luckily didn’t require quite as much testing, being an altogether much simpler plugin to build.

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Announcing the launch of HeroMaps Premium

After many months of waiting and tireless development, we are happy to announce that the premium version of our Google Maps plugin has finally launched. If you’ve used HeroMaps Pro at all, you’ll have a fairly good idea of what it can do (and its limitations) and so this particular post will be focusing on some of the features that have been added to the Premium version.

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Here’s why we’re distributing our plugins through CodeCanyon

If you consider that we distributed our first two plugins through this website, you might wonder why we made the decision to distribute our plugins through CodeCanyon and WordPress. This post covers some of the reasoning behind the decision.

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Hero Plugins shows super potential

A little over a year ago, Hero Plugins decided to enter the WordPress plugins market with the launch of two free plugins – HeroMaps and HeroSlider. We were very sneaky about it – despite putting up social media profiles for the brand, we did very little to announce our coming to the world at large.

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