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Double Launch Announcement

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at Hero Plugins. A little more than a month ago we launched HeroMaps Premium, which is selling even better than we expected, but we have also been testing – and retesting – pre-release builds of HeroSlider. At the same time, we’ve finished building Hero Login Styler, which luckily didn’t require quite as much testing, being an altogether much simpler plugin to build.

Both of the plugins are now ready for launch, so you should see them both appear on CodeCanyon before the end of the week.


The first new plugin we’re launching is our new HeroSlider, and you might wonder why we created a slider when there are already so many different premium sliders on the market.

Slider Image

It’s not so much that we think we have more features than any other plugin, because we don’t. What we wanted to focus on was to give users of our plugin the ability to create gorgeous sliders for their site quickly and easily, with as little fuss as possible. That’s why, just using the default settings, you can have a slider created in the space of a few minutes – assuming, of course, you had all your images and content ready. Sadly, we haven’t found a way to speed up that process yet 🙂

Moving beyond the basic defaults, we’ve provided the ability to tweak and alter every single element you can add to your slide while also giving you the ability to animate. Our slider supports video embeds from YouTube and Vimeo, and you can have either a static or a video background for your slides. Of course, the slider is fully responsive, supports WooCommerce integration as well ass the integration of dynamic content like posts and feeds.

If you want to see the slider in action, go and check out our HeroSlider demo page.

Hero Login Styler

The second plugin launching is Hero Login Styler – which is a fairly simple plugin you can use to make your standard, boring WordPress login page look as shiny as you want it to. We don’t have a product page for it yet, but you can check it out over on CodeCanyon.

Login Styler is simplicity in itself, and you can see what it looks like in practice on the Login Styler demo page. While we offer some basic templates with the initial download, it won’t take any more than a few minutes to tweak every available element and create a login page you can proudly put in front of all your users.

Example Styled Login page

As always, we’ll be paying careful attention to the feedback we receive once the plugins are live, so apart from the features listed above, you can look forward to seeing additional features being added to each of the plugins. And we still have a few other projects waiting in the wings which will hopefully launch before the end of the year, so keep checking back for the latest developments.