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Another (big) milestone reached

As you may know, we launched our first premium plugin – HeroMenu – on CodeCanyon last year in February; now, just 18 months after launching, we have attained the coveted “Elite Author” status.

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Here is why we don't offer extended licenses for our plugins

HeroPlugins has – on a few occasions – been approached by theme builders about the possibility of allowing the bundling of our plugins with their themes. Unfortunately, however, we don’t allow the practice and as you might expect, not everybody is entirely happy with that response. We understand this, but we have chosen to adopt a stance that is in line with that of many other premium plugin builders who sell via CodeCanyon.

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Even Heroes need a Break

We’ve come to the end of what has been a very busy – and insightful – year at Hero Plugins. When we released Hero Menu in February, we had no real way of knowing what was in store for us, and the year has brought with it a lot of excitement and a great deal of learning.

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Don't Panic If You Get This Message

A lot of webmasters probably experienced a bit of a panic over the past day or so when they opened Search Console (or their e-mail clients) and discovered a message looking similar to the one below:

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Mapping Our Way Forward

Now that we are a little past halfway through 2015, we felt that it would probably be a good time to step back and take stock of where we are and pass on some of our plans for the rest of the year.

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This is why pirating premium plugins is a bad idea

Whenever you sell a digital product (or any product that can be transmitted digitally), you expose yourself to certain realities of the online world. And one of these realities is that of piracy – having a paid-for product distributed for free via various means.

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